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1952 Buick Super Estate Wagon

The 1952 Buick Estate Wagon was the most expensive of all the Buicks built that year, and with such a steep base price, only 1,830 customers were able to give one a home.  It was a desirable choice for affluent moms with growing families across the country. The Estate Wagons were sent to Ionia, Michigan partially completed for the fabrication of the wood components. The car would then be mounted on a jig and assembled on a small production line. When finished, they were shipped back to Buick in Flint for final assembly.  It was a slow process but those craftsmen were able to create some amazingly beautiful cars that remain incredibly desirable today.

1952 Buick Super Estate Woodie Wagon left side

A beautiful “woodie” such as this is not only a fine investment, but also an attention getting statement of quality and style wherever it is driven.  The 1952 Estate Wagon makes a wonderfully useful classic that harkens back to an era of fine craftsmanship, yet it is able to perform admirably on modern roads at highway speeds.

1952 Buick Super Estate Woodie Wagon engine


  • 263 ci inline eight cylinder Dynaflash engine,
  • 120 HP,
  • automatic transmission,
  • independent front coil spring suspension,
  • live rear axle,
  • four-wheel power assist hydraulic brakes,
  • 129” wheelbase

1952 Buick Super Estate Woodie Wagon trunk

Buick began with a standard chassis and incorporated styling inspired by Harley Earl’s concept and Motorama cars, and the stylish Estate Wagons began as a limited production rolling tribute to all the design inspirations from General Motors that had transpired in the prior years.  Under the hood of this beauty is the original 263 cubic inch straight eight Dynaflash engine mated to a reliable Dynaflow automatic transmission. The engine was a proven power plant, which drove the horsepower to a sprightly 120.

1952 Buick Super Estate Woodie Wagon emblem

The end of the production of the Buick Estate Wagon in 1953 meant the end of the mass-produced wood-bodied station wagon in the United States for good.